Latest Mike Bibby Tattoos

Mike Bibby Tattoos Designs
Latest Mike Bibby Tattoos
We have talked about many celebrities tattoos designs Today we are giving A quick look at some of Mike’s tattoos and their meaning. Lets checkout with us Mike Bibby tattoos designs!
“Bibby”, located on Mike’s right arm was Mike’s first tattoo. He got it when he was sixteen.  The “Bibby” tattoo on Mike’s right arm is now covered by a chain-linked cross. When asked about why he got this tattoo, Mike said “I’m religious person and I wanted a cross”. Mike’s uncle Roger drew this tattoo.
Mike celebrated the birth of his first child, son Michael Dane, by inscribing his name on his upper left chest. Following the birth of his daughter, Mike proudly had her name, Janae, put on his lower right abs. Mike’s uncle Roger drew this tattoo. Mike recently had this tattoo filled in.
Mike had a hoop and net added to his leg. Tone R.I.P was added to the net in memory of Anthony ‘Tone’ Thompson. ”Only God Can Judge Me”, on Mike’s right calf. Mike has “Team Dime” tattooed on his back. Mike’s uncle Roger drew this tattoo. Mike also has ‘onezero’ on his back below his neck..
Mike later added 3 faces on his back. On his left shoulder is his mother, Virginia, and on the right are his grandparents. ’R.I.P 1 Z’ on Mike’s left arm is in honour of Mike’s late friend Tony ‘Tone’ Thompson. (1 Z was his nickname). Mike had “Mia” tattooed on his upper right chest in honour of his second daughter, Mia Rose.
Mike has Psalms on each of his wrists. Darcy on Mike’s right hand. Mike’s has “Loyalty” on his right hand. Mike’s has “Faith” on his left hand. W.W.J.D. bracelet on Mike’s left wrist.
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