Amazing Flowes Skull Tattoo On Neck

It used to be that women would not often get big flashy tattoo designs in visible places.  However over the past 10 years as you know the whole world of tattoo designs has changed drastically and these days more and more women are getting tattoos in very visible places such as a feminine full sleeve tattoo design or like the ones in this article neck tattoos for women.
Neck tattoos have always been very hot for men and a great option.  They do take a level of commitment and the ability to show tattoos at work.  If  you think you will ever be in or you already are in a  profession that does not allow visible tattoos then you really should reconsider a neck tattoo right now.
There are some different ways to locate the tattoo design on the neck.  It of course can be in the very visible front part under the chin or it can be done more discreetly on the neck behind the ears.  Last but not least by any means and also the most popular option for women or neck tattoos for girls in the back of the neck or sometimes called the nape of the neck.  This has traditionally been thought of as a very sexy and intimate area and therefore a great place for a female to get a tattoo.  It is pretty easy to cover if you wear your hair down most of the time and have long enough hair to cover it.  Yet it can be revealed by simply tying the hair up in a band.  Therefore that makes this location probably one fo the most popular among women.