A new and exclusive webshow has been launched in association with Carolina Herrera documenting the night life adventures of 20 couples, in 6 cities around the world. Why? To compete for a prize. Who chooses a winner? You do. 

Six cities around the world will serve as a nightlife backdrop for this innovative webshow, presented exclusively at www.212areyouonthelist.com. The webseries will be presented throughout 24 episodes starting with the London couples, on September 14th. Each episode will be dedicated to a specific city and it`s four couples who are competing to appear in the season finale, and witness and take part of an exclusive New York night of VIP partying. At the end of each episode viewers will decide who continues on the game or not.

Besides the webshow, on the 212 VIP website viewers will find two exclusive areas: one where they will be able to participate in the next season´s casting process, as well as selecting the participating cities and also visit a VIP area with unedited videos and images of this season. Are you ready to be on the guest-list?