It is a relief to get outside and break free from the confines of formal shoes. Let me tell you, I am almost always wearing a a brogue or boot of some kind. When I finally go casual I relish in it. Recently I popped into Mr. Price in Sea Point. I approached the mens shoe section and discovered a wall of colorful espadrilles.

I haven't purchased anything in Mr. Price for maybe four years so I was very happy to discover they have made the change in direction that the industry is headed for. They are not 100% there yet (in menswear at least) but it is a start.
I have also never owed a pair of espadrilles in my life and I promise you it was like meeting a long lost sibling. I have blogged about espadrilles before but only from a visual standpoint. Also there was nothing available locally, until now. There are many different colours to choose from and they are pretty damn comfortable.  I wore them solidly for 5 days and then bought a different colour just so I had an excuse to keep wearing espadrilles. And for R89? Pffff. Time to go outside and have some fun, boys. Hey, how do you rate me as a foot model? Good, right?