I get the distinct feeling the Frankie Morello man is on a pilgrimage to Tibet and once there, turns into Adam Lambert. This was my feeling while watching his Fall/Winter show for 2012. I didn't feel like they made any sense in the same show, but separately, if anything, they were interesting. Bead work, bright colour blocking and bindi's show the obvious eastern influence but where in the world does sewn on buttons and spikes come into that?
Update: A commenter pointed out that the collection moves quite cohesively from the harsh black embellished look to a more natural Eastern style, that I could have offered a more fair review and he's quite right. In fact if you look at the collection carefully it is almost as if Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti were taking this rocker styled man and stripping him down to his most humble and presumably spiritual self, after shedding the materialistic influence of a western man.