Party Season is here and if I didn't know it, my string of post-party headaches would be a dead give-away. First up was the follow up to last years very successful Puma social club that was held in different locations locally. This year the party was hosted at Quay 4 at the V&A Waterfront. If they could pin down as many people every weekend I would be there all the time. There was a fantastic vibe, even if it took 30 mins to order a drink. Holiday Murray and Jack Parow were among the selected entertainers, the former of which I had never heard of before but thoroughly enjoyed.

The usual suspects were present, Puma's photo booth, foosball and ping-pong tables and a generous supply of Cape Town's young and beer-happy cool crowd. Can't wait for next year. Special thanks go out to Bianca and the Splash PR team for a fantastic night out.