The grapevine has been churning out a new rumor of another great designer joining the massive success of an H&M collaboration. With Versace currently supplying the brand in 300 stores with exotic, flashy and affordable versions of their label it is already on peoples minds about who will be next.

It is starting with a whisper but before long Tom Ford may be the center of a frenzy should he join Hennes & Mauritz AB with a collaboration. The former Gucci creative director is a leader in luxury menswear. So while he would probably do fine without it, those fans who would not be able to afford suiting in one of his few stores, now could, should he decided to join in. H&M's creative adviser Margareta van den Bosch told Business Week that Ford was "a very interesting name" and would certainly not be a bad choice.

If Ford decided to go ahead with this proposed rumor he would be the 8th designer since Lagerfeld in 2004. So what would the 50 year old bring to the table? Certainly a good fitting suit and white shirt combo, but what about his leisure wear? What would you like from a Tom Ford for H&M collaboration? No word from Ford's representatives yet.

tom ford for h&m