The mustache is a very unappreciated thing, as most of you joining in will find out. I'm a pretty confident guy so it was a surprise to me when my mustache made me a little shy at first and people started to look at me funny.  But why? It's super manly, plus my Pops had one for many years in the 80's, although come to think of it he did own an awful lot of sweater vests, so that might not be the best example to go on.

I shaved the beard off in Knysna on the 1st of November but since I didn't really see people until I returned home to Cape Town the following day, it was a small shocker that people started giving me the second-take. Like, a lot.

So why on earth do we grow mustaches in November and call in Movember? Support! It's no different to wearing a red or pink ribbon, it's just on your face instead. We grow mustaches to support prostate and testicular Cancer initiatives. There was a moment in traffic one morning when a guy on a scooter grinned at me because we both have mustaches. A nod to camaraderie no doubt.

The rules state that you must shave cleanly on the 1st of the month and grow your mo' from scratch. But because some men won't do it, companies have come up with a good way to bribe them get them involved. Give-aways! Even as I typed this post I got a knock on my door from el Jimador who gave me a nice bottle of tequila. Yes, of course I had a shot immediately. I have the flu but I'm not dead. El Jimador will be at various hot spots in South Africa giving away a whole bunch of prizes so keep your mustache twirled and ready.

As for Man of the Cloth we have a competition too! Last year we gave away a L'Oreal hamper to Dale and this year we have Vichy hamper. So read carefully:

To celebrate the beginning of Movember Man of the Cloth blog is giving away 3 Vichy Homme Shave hampers valued at over R500 each (including Anti-irritation Shaving Foam, Sensi Baume After Shave balm and Purifying Cleansing gel). All you have to do is ‘LIKE’ Vichy Skin Health Expert Q&A (HERE) Facebook page and Man of the Cloth (HERE) or follow me on Twitter (HERE). 

After that just send a photo of your MO to manoftheclothblog@yahoo.com. The top 3 MOs will win a hamper each. Winner will be announced 30th November.