I first noticed the reinvention of the camo print on Nickelson Wooster who shot to fame because of his outrageous and wonderful outfit choices outside of Fashion week. Camo as a tie and blazer? Okay! No longer is this common trance-party attire circa 1998. And those heavy pocketed pants, oi. Remember Joe Soap?
Shoot through to 2011 and the fashion scene is starting to embrace it once more by including it in the detail. Not all people are as confident with this sort of trend as Nickelson Wooster but we can learn from the examples below shot outside fashion week this year.

Now with NYFW at a close it was surprising to see Tommy Hilfiger experiment with the camo print in the form of a colour soled boot and zip-up jacket. Notice the white jeans allow the overall look to calm down just a touch. One of my new favorite shoe brands Del Toro even released a brogue in this print which although surprising is pretty cool and would make a fine addition to my wardrobe. But leave it to Addict and C-law who collaborated on their own version-- a boat-boot hybrid that I'm certain will go down well with the boys. 
What do you think of this trend? Would you bring the camouflage to the city?